Research Interests

My research interests vary widely, but they all tend to focus around the intersection between natural and built environments and human culture. Currently I’m focused on the following:

Urban sustainability
Ethnobotany of Psychoactive Plants
Prohibition, and its effect on ‘black markets’
Program evaluation and policy analysis in the non-profit sector
Green energy and green building (especially bio-homes and earthships)
Transhumanist Extropian Technology
Planning for ‘post peak-everything’
Urban Food Systems
Informal settlements in the ‘Global South’
Community resilience
Post-disaster planning
GIS, particularly in regards to open-source web-mapping and community generated data
GIS for real estate valuation
The planning of ‘temporary metropoles’ (Burning Man, the Mina during the Hajj, The Kumbh Mela etc)
The zoning of ‘alternative’ building technologies for residential construction
Indigenous rights and community organizing

I’m always interested in collaborative projects and connecting with people who have similar interests. Feel free to drop me a line anytime via the ‘Contact‘ page.