Mitchell Gomez is the Executive Director for DanceSafe, a 501(c)3 health education and harm reduction nonprofit based in Denver, Colorado. He is a subject matter expert on club drugs and harm reduction who has appeared in publications from local city blogs to Rolling Stone. Any media inquiries about club drug use (including MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, or exotic research chemicals), prohibition, the war on drugs, harm reduction, or the EDM community can be directed to

Selected Media Mentions

The Guardian
– December 2016
– Ecstasy sold in US is less pure and more dangerous than in Europe, experts warn
– Olivia Solon

Los Angeles Times
– August 2016
– Tragedy once again calls into question Hard Summer’s future
– August Brown

SF Gate
– August 2016
– Deaths at SoCal rave a reminder of danger that can come in waves
– Erin Allday

Houston Press
– June 2016
– When Death Strikes a Music Festival, Is It Time to Make a Change?
– Katie Sullivan

– June 2016
– The Scientific Way to Create a Music Festival Drug Schedule Plan ahead to avoid a visit to the chillout tent.
– Yasmin Tayag
– December 2015
– Chris Cox

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) Reform Review
– December 2015
– Reflections on Reform Pt. 2
– Daniel Greig

The Fix
– November 2015
– The Drug Policy Reform Movement Wants to End the War on People
– Will Godfrey

Rolling Stone Magazine
– August 2015
– Meet the People Who Want to Make It Safer to Take Drugs at Festivals
– Kristen Gwynne

Your EDM
– July 2015
– Matthew Meadow

EDM Tunes
– July  2015
– Clark County Coroner’s Office Rules EDC Death an “Ecstasy Overdose.”
-Terry Gotham

– July 2015
– Drug-test providers have trouble helping ID dangerous drugs at events like Paradiso
– Lael Henterly

Orlando Sentinel
– April 2015
– UCF student’s bad trip draws attention to LSD-like drug
– Tiffany Walden

Philly Voice
– March 2015
– Synthetic MDMA: An undetectable crisis
– Brandon Baker

The Communitarian
– December 2014
– Don’t rave to the grave!! Raves and electronic dance music are not only about using drugs, proponents say
– Robert Craig


Conferences, Papers, Blog Posts and Presentations:

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) – Cornell College
Harm Reduction Workshop

Drug Policy Alliance – Reform Conference
Breakout Session – The Drug War Making Drugs Worse: What Can We Do About “New” Drugs?

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA)
– Preventing Drug- and Alcohol-related Harms at Music Festivals in Canada

Burning Man 2015
– New Directions in the Psychedelic Movement
– Sacred Spaces Village
– An open discussion and Q&A with some of the leading voices in the Psychedelic and Harm Reduction world’s on where the movement is, and where it’s going. With Rick Doblin (Founder of MAPS), Emanuel Sferios (founder of DanceSafe and Executive Producer of MDMA the Movie), The Teafaerie (Erowid), Stefanie Jones (DPA), Casie William Hardison (formerly incarcerated LSD chemist), Kim aka Karma (DanceSafe)

IGNITE Boulder
The Drug War Sucks, Even if You’ve Never Done Drugs (but you probably have)

DanceSafe Blog Post
– June 2015
– Electric Forest Shuts Down DanceSafe– But We Have A Bigger Problem To Tackle
– Mitchell Gomez

The second most viewed blog post in DanceSafe history.

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